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Our ambition is to make our guests enjoy this magnificent country and the great diversity of its landscapes. We would like you to leave with a feeling of happiness and the deep wish to return. To give you the opportunity to meet the local population and open up to their traditions. You will get to know and better understand the culture and history of Oman. We have been working in Oman for many years and collaborating with many European travel agencies.

  • To offer itineraries for individual travellers, families and groups.

- Classical tour with or without accommodation
- Type of accommodation: hotel, camping, guesthouse
- Trek with long mountain hikes and camping
- Customization of a tour according to your bookings.

  • Programs adapted to tour operators.



professional guide, is originally from the Arabian Peninsula. He had his own travel agency in Yemen and has a perfect knowledge of the Sultanate of Oman. He is a professional organizer and knows intuitively what his clients need and wish for.


adores Omani culture and is a specialist in Omani incense. This allows us to offer tours that are closely related to the history of the "incense road". Nick is our correspondent in France and will be happy to share his experience of the Sultanate of Oman with you and assist you with your travel plans.


responsable for bookings and marketing in Europe. She loves to travel the world and is inspired by different cultures and ways of life. She speaks German, French, English, Spanish and some Arabic.


Omani partner
loves his country and lives in Nizwa. He travels a lot in his country and abroad. He specialises in the trade of dates and honey, among other things, and wishes to pass on his experience and culture through the creation of the agency. In Oman, dates are indispensable and represent a symbol of hospitality.
We have been working in Oman for many years and in collaboration with European travel agencies


Preservation of the sites visited

We make our guests aware of the importance of preserving the fauna and flora of the places we visit. On our tours, we strive to reduce the amount of waste we produce. We inform our guests on how to behave in order to preserve the sites we visit. We observe local standards and regulations.

Respect for local customs.

We inform our guests on how to behave in order to respect the local culture. We encourage, as much as possible, moments of exchange and authentic encounters with the locals.

Supporting the local economy

 We favour local traders when purchasing goods and services (e.g. food, transport, hotels, guides, souvenirs). Wherever possible, we favour local hotels or guest houses. We are concerned about fair income sharing and the working conditions of our local staff (guides, drivers, hoteliers, etc.).



A personalized adventure

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Nizwa - Sultanate of Oman

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