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Great Discovery of Oman

12 days

A tour to discover Oman differently : mountain oases, salt desert, and wild wadis... An easy tour but a true adventure to secret and secluded places...

  • Environment :

    Mountain, desert, wadi, sea

  • Activities :

    Easy walking, swimming, hiking, culture

  • Accommodation :

    Hotel, Guesthouse

  • Hiking :

    Level 1- 2trekking

Included in the program :

hébergement hotel
voiture 4x4
Guide chauffeur
Accommodation is indicative and may change depending on availability

DAY 1- Visit of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque: an imposing construction, Islamic architecture, and the decorations of the main prayer hall are breathtaking.
Muttrah fish and vegetable market. It is a colorful place that is definitely worth a visit. We rarely find such a diversity of fish: sea bream and groupers of all kinds, swordfish, barracudas, sharks, crabs, shrimps, squid, tuna in abundance, kinfish, and even parrotfish and others, ... Next to the souk with fish, there is the vegetable souk where there are fruits, vegetables, dates, honey, thyme, etc.
Bait Zubair : Visit to the Bait Zubair Museum dedicated to the culture and history of Oman. Bait Muzna Gallery: former princely residence where we will see a collection of contemporary art. Sultan Qaboos Palace.
Visit of the Outer Palace of Sultan Qaboos with its gardens full of colors and its particular architecture is impressive.
Visit of the Muttrah Souk (2 hrs). The main souk building is beautifully decorated with wooden ceilings and stained glass windows. It overflows on all sides into small alleys lined with stalls. You walk around and get lost in the maze of small alleys in search of the souvenir you desire. Organized by corporations, you will find the gold corner, the silver corner, the souvenir corner, clothes, carpets, etc.
Ryiam Hôtel. Situé juste à l'entrée de la ville de Muttrah, Il propose un mélange sophistiqué de style arabe contemporain, de confort contemporain et de services.

DAY 2 - Muscat - Nakhl Fort.
Wekan village : 2h hike - Al Awabi - Wadi Beni Awf. Guest-house Bimah. A beautiful and friendly place located in the heart of Wadi Bani Awf, 2 steps from Snake Canyon In a natural and peaceful environment, you will find in the garden many places that invite you to relax after a day of hiking. Refuge with bunk beds and air conditioning.
Bait Bimah Guest house. A beautiful and friendly place located in the heart of Wadi Bani Awf, 2 steps from Snake Canyon In a natural and peaceful environment, you will find in the garden many places that invite you to relax after a day of hiking Refuge with bunk beds and air conditioning. .

DAY 3 - Transfer Bimah -Balad Sit.
Balad Sit : Hike 2 hours The old village perches on a rock dominates the palm grove and the various terraced crops.
Birkat al Sharaf : Panorama (2000m alt).
Misfat Al Abreyeen Guest house. 

DAY 4 - Misfah al Abriyeen : One of the most beautiful villages in Oman which has a very large palm grove hanging from the side of the canyon. Hike in the shade of palm trees, papaya trees, and other banana trees.
Al Hamra : Visit of Bait As Safah. Here we enter a traditional Omani house, located in the heart of the old town of Al Hamra. Women welcome us and show us how they make coffee, bread, flour, and various oils and ointments made from plants gathered in the mountains.
Balcony walk : Jebel Shams hike 3/4 h. This route takes us to the discovery of a troglodyte village abandoned for fifteen years, located on the side of the cliff at about 1800m altitude, on an unlikely location. The path that leads us there offers us spectacular views of the Arabian Grand Canyon.
Jebel Shams Resort.

DAY 5 - Jebel Shams : Jebel Shams is the highest peak in the Sultanate of Oman. This mountain is part of the Hajar Mountains and rises to more than 3000 meters above sea level. . Often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Oman or also the Grand Canyon of Arabia.
Wadi Ghul : Old picturesque abandoned village. Trek.
Bahla : Visit of Bahla pottery and its fort.
Jibreen Castle .
Nizwa : Al Bustan Guest House

DAY 6 - Transfer Nizwa - Jebel Akhdar.
Jebel Akhdar :  Hike on the rose trail, on the Saiq plateau in Oman ... small traditional villages that cultivate roses and pomegranates. Easy and enjoyable hike
Wadi Beni Habib.
Birkat al Mauz : 1 hour hike, fortified village built in stairs on the hillside. Some of its ocher earthen houses have been restored and boast beautiful carved wooden doors. A falaj crosses the village and supplies the surrounding palm groves.
Nizwa: Al Bustan Guest House.

DAY 7 - Nizwa: Visit of Nizwa Fort (1 h). The fort of Nizwa has been restored recently. It includes a defensive part (the citadel) and a residential part (for the Imam and schoolchildren). From the top of the citadel, there is a magnificent view of Nizwa and its palm grove, the largest in the country. The basement of the fort was occupied by prisons. The cells have been converted into small museum rooms on the local culture; very good museum, small, but very educational.
Visit of the Nizwa Souk (1 h 30) : Nizwa is an important center: a large city at the foot of the mountains on the southern side, it has long been the capital of Oman and seat of the Imamate. It is a city full of tradition, pleasant to visit. Its fort and souk were renovated in the traditional style in 1996.
Sinaw : Visit of the old town.
Mahoot hotel.

DAY 8 - Mahut - White desert : Hike in the white desert. We walk through the maze of dunes.
Al Khaluf : The village of Khaluf is a picturesque village of Bedouin fishermen: atmosphere at the end of the world where 4x4s pull the boats returning from fishing. Swimming - snorkelling.
Mahoot hotel.

DAY 9 - Transfer Mahut - Ras al Ruways. Crossing in the desert, visit of a Bedouin family.
Safari camp : Walk at the very end of the afternoon, when the light is most pleasant. During this hike we will witness the setting sun constantly changing the color of the sand and the shadows.

DAY 10 - Safari camp transfer - Bidiyah.
Wadi Bani khalid : Hiking and swimming (2h/3h**). It is one of the most famous wadi in the Sultanate of Oman: with large emerald-colored pools, a narrow gorge strewn with huge white rocks.
Sur : Built between the ocean and a magnificent lagoon, Sur inherits a sea-oriented past: fishing, traditional dhow construction workshop and maritime trade. A ford tower from where you can enjoy a beautiful panorama (sunset) over the city will be a marvel. Evening souk visit
Sur : Al Ayjah Plazza hôtel.

DAY 11 -  Sur : The city is famous for the manufacture of Arab dhows, we will visit this shipyard. We will also take a tour of the old fishing port.
Wadi Tiwi : We leave from the village of Saymah. We cross it, then follow a path above the palm grove to reach another village. We have magnificent views over the valley and its palm groves which follow one another and resemble, from a distance, a green river.
Tiwi Sunrise Ressort

DAY 12 - Wadi Shaab : It is a beautiful oasis. Nestled between the cliffs, the turquoise waters of the river flow between the ocher rock. Hardly arrived, we embark on a small motor boat which leads opposite on the opposite bank. We continue on foot along the cliffs overlooking the bed of the river that we cross in places. Hiking and swimming on the program (3h.
SinkHole : Immense cavité naturelle rempli de pure eau cristalline verte et bleue et entouré de formations rocheuses et de palmiers verts.
Wadi Dayqah : L'une des grandes attractions d'Oman est un énorme barrage dans la vallée de Wadi Dayqah.
Wadi Al Arabiyeen : Le wadi est creusé par un énorme sillon sur le versant oriental de la montagne Hajar. Baignade.
Wadi Mayh : La lagune formée par l'embouchure du Wadi Mayh reste un endroit sublime.