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Hiking in the Hajar

5 days

To all hikers:  go on hike lasting several days with a guide and take the time to admire the wonderfully preserved landscapes

  • Environment :

    Mountain, wadi, sea, deser

  • Activities :

    Hiking, swimming, culture

  • Accommodation :

    Hotel, guesthouse

  • Hiking :

    Niveau 3trekking

Included in the program :

hébergement hotel
voiture 4x4
Guide chauffeur

 Accommodation is indicative and subject to change depending on availability.

DAY 1 - Muscat - Wadi beni Awf, with beautiful landscapes / Balad Sayt Old village perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking the palm grove and various terraced crops. 5h walk.
Accommodation : Bait Bimah Guest-house. Nice and friendly place located in the heart of Wadi Bani Awf, near Snake Canyon and Balad Sayt. It is a rustic but charming refuge with dormitories and private rooms, and bathrooms with showers and hot water.

DAY 2 - Balad Sayt / Birkat (Al Sharaf alamayn) , Jabel Hajar Montain with splendid views over
the valley of Wadi Bani Awf. 6h walk
We take 4x4 to go to camping : Qiyut

DAY 3 - Qiyut / Jabal Akdhar - Jabal Akdhar ("the green mountain") is the central massif of the Hajar Mountains, an imposing mountain range that crosses the north of Oman. Its highest point is Jabal Shams, with an altitude of 3,075m. 6/7h walking
Accomodation : Ar Ruus campsite

DAY 4 - We take the 4x4 (15mn) to the start of the trek. Al Ma'awil (very small village) / Wadi Beni Habib, One of the famous wadis of Jabal Akhdar, it can be explored on foot. Surrounded by walnut trees and shrubs, it is also home to the abandoned village of Bani Habib, which welcomes visitors who enjoy trekking and exploring. 6/7h walk, Rose Villages, Small traditional villages that grow roses and pomegranates - (Sayq plateau).
Accomodation : Stone Guest house 

DAY 5 - Sayq Plateau / Wadi Muaydin, impressive foothills: 4/5h walk. We take a 4WD to visit Birkat Al Mauz - a fortified village built in a staircase on the hillside. Some of its ochre houses have been restored and have beautiful carved wooden doors. A falaj runs through the village and feeds the surrounding palm groves at the starting point.
Accomodation : Muscat Ryam Hotel

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