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Nizwa & Jebel Shams

1 day

Explore some of Oman's history and culture with Nizwa. Discover Jebel Shams offering an existing off-road experience and fantastic views.

  • Environment :


  • Activities :

    Hiking, culture

  • Difficulty :

    Level 2trekking

Included in the program :

voiture 4x4
Guide chauffeur

Nizwa fort : Built in the 17th century by Imam Sultan bin Saif al-arabi, who chased the Portuguese out of Omani territory in 1650, Nizwa Fort is distinguished by a very large 24-metre high tower which dominates the souk. Restored in 1998, the fort hosts a very interesting interactive exhibition

Nizwa souk : The souk of the city of Nizwa, with its secular commercial vocation, is a real "city within a city". Very large, very lively and very colourful, the souk is famous for its incense and traditional objects. You can find everything: the fruit and vegetable souk, the pottery souk, the traditional objects souk, the goldsmith's souk... Traditional livestock market (only on Fridays)

Jebel Shams : Jebal Shams, which means "mountain of the sun", as it is the highest mountain in Oman and offers an existing off-road experience and a fantastic panorama.

Jabreen castle : Jabreen Castle is one of the most beautiful in the sultanate. With its painted ceilings, its walls decorated with arabesques with astrological motifs, its magnificently carved doors: it is one of the jewels of Omani architecture.
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