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incense road

8 days

The whole of Happy Arabia is told through this journey, from the Arabian Sea, along the Incense Road,  over mountains and through deserts.

  • Environment :

    Mountain, wadi, sea, desert

  • Activities :

    Hiking, swimming, culture

  • Accommodation :

    Hôtel, camping

  • Hiking :

    Level 2trekking

Included in the program :

hébergement hotel
voiture 4x4
Guide chauffeur

Accommodation is indicative and subject to change depending on availability.

DAY 1 - Muscat - Amouage : Visit the factory of the best perfume in the world. The prestigious brand opens its premises to the curious for an olfactory visit not to be missed. Amouage holds an important place in luxury perfumery. A particularly well-groomed showroom, and a brief visit to the workshops where you can see the filling of the bottles.
Birkat Al Mauz.  A fortified village built on the side of a hill. Some of its ochre houses have been restored and boast beautiful carved wooden doors. A falaj runs through the village and feeds the surrounding palm groves at the starting point.
Jebel Akhdar : (The green mountain) 2 To 3h hike on the rose path, on the Saiq plateau in Oman... small traditional villages growing roses and pomegranates. Easy and pleasant walk.
Nizwa : Al Bustan Guesthouse.

DAY 2 - Nizwa - Nizwa Fort : Built in the 17th century by Imam Sultan bin Saif al-arabi, who chased the Portuguese out of Omani territory in 1650, the fort of Nizwa is distinguished by a very large 24-metre high tower which dominates the souk. Restored in 1998, the fort hosts a very interesting interactive exhibition.
Visit the Souk of Nizwa. The souk of the city of Nizwa, of secular commercial vocation, is a real "city within the city". Very large, very lively and very colourful, the souk is famous for its incense and traditional objects. You can find everything: the fruit and vegetable souk, the pottery souk, the traditional objects souk, the goldsmith's souk...
Traditional cattle market (only on Fridays).
Al Khaluf : The village of Khaluf is a picturesque fishing village. On the beach among all the small fishing boats, the fishermen are proud to pose in front of their catch of the day.
Al Khaluf : camping.

DAY 3 - Duqm - Ash Shuwaymiyyah: Wadi Shuwaymiyah is a magnificent and isolated place of beauty in Oman. Here, nature is untouched by significant rock formations. In this oasis in the desert, small cave systems and huge rocks with breathtaking colours are an incredible experience.

DAY 4 - Hasik : Incense Harvesting: Located two hours from Salalah, the Hasik cliffs are among the breathtaking limestone formations that line much of the Dhofar coastline - this area makes for a spectacular drive. In the company of a natural resin producer you will witness a resin collection.
Saadha : A small village where the incense trade was once very active.

Salalah hôtel

DAY 5 - Taqah : Fishing village. Panoramic view.
Archaeological site of Khor Rori : Ancient port, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Khor Rori was an important port on the Dhofar coast, and one of the great trading cities for incense.
Franckincense museum.  Al Baleed site.

Salalah hôtel.

DAY 6 - Wadi Dawkah: This small reserve protects a 5 km long park of ancient incense trees. It is inscribed on the Unesco heritage list as part of its heritage. More than 1200 trees are planted here.
Rub al Khali Desert : Ubar called the "Atlantis of the desert" was a place where incense caravans crossed the Rub Al Khali to transport their products to Egypt, Mesopotamia and Ancient Greece. Today, the ruins bear witness to this amazing crossroads
Rub Al Khali camp.

DAY 7 - Nabi Imran Tomb : It holds the record for the longest tomb in the world. It is the resting place of an important Islamic prophet known as Prophet Imran. A small mosque has also been built nearby with a well-kept garden that adds to the spirituality and enjoyment of the place.
Salalah Incense Souk :  This is where you can find the largest number of varieties of incense and perfumes in the country. The smell of incense wafts through the aisles. On the floor, bags filled with incense stones of varying quality and beautiful coloursy.

Salalah hôtel.

DAY 8 - Salalah - Al Mughsayl - Fazayah Beach : Mountain road is absolutely beautiful. This is an area where incense trees also grow. The gradient is impressive and it offers magnificent panoramas. Cliffs overlooking the Arabian Sea and superb bays of white sand beaches, places conducive to meditation and tranquility.
Salalah hôtel.