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Sea, wadis & desert

5 days

A quiet tour that takes us to the Sharqiyah region, which is full of surprises: wadis with turquoise waters, green turtles, and the Wahiba sand desert.

  • Environment :

    Wadi, sea, desert

  • Activities :

    Walking, swimming, culture,

  • Accommodation :

    Camping, hotel, guesthouse

  • Hiking :

    Level 2trekking

 Included in the programme :

hébergement hotel
voiture 4x4
Guide chauffeur

Accommodation is indicative and subject to change depending on availability.

DAY 1 - Wadi Al Arabiyeen : The wadi is carved by a huge furrow on the eastern side of the Hajar mountain. Wadi Shab. Unforgettable water hike and swim (3 h).
Wadi Shab in Oman is one of the most popular canyons in the Sultanate. This site is a small paradise. Access is limited by the river and to reach the bottom you must not only walk but also swim.
Camping on the beach of Fins. Camping Individual tent.

DAY 2 - SinkHole : Huge natural cavity filled with pure green and blue crystal water and surrounded by rock formations and green palm trees.
Unforgettable hike and swim in Wadi Tiwi. 3 to 4 hrs) We will cross several villages and beautiful valleys and palm groves. We will reach the bottom of the valley where we will see boulders deposited in the river bed by the tumultuous waters. We will have the opportunity to bathe in a beautiful place between mountain and palm grove.
Sour : Visit of the city (1 h). Built between the ocean and a magnificent lagoon, Sour has a history of fishing, traditional dhow building and maritime trade. A ford tower with a beautiful view (sunset) over the city will be a marvel. The city is famous for the manufacture of Arab dhows, we will visit this shipyard.!
Sur : Al Ayjah Plazza hôtel.

DAY 3 - Wadi Bani Khalid.  Hiking and swimming (2 to 3hrs). This is one of the most famous wadi in the Sultanate: with large pools of emerald water, a narrow gorge with huge white rocks.
Safari Desert Camp. A tastefully furnished camp in the desert, in a wilderness area. This camp has no electricity, which makes it more authentic. Tea, coffee, water and sheesha are available. You can relax in the lounges next to the restaurant. Arabian tent with private bathroom. At the end of the afternoon, a sunset hike. The magic of the desert takes place as the landscape shapes and changes day by day with the wind.

DAY 4 - Birkat al Mauz : a fortified village built on the side of a hill. Some of its ochre houses have been restored and boast beautiful carved wooden doors. A falaj runs through the village and feeds the surrounding palm groves at the starting point.
Visit to Nizwa Fort (1 hr): Built in the 17th century by Imam Sultan bin Saif al-arabi, who chased the Portuguese out of Omani territory in 1650, Nizwa Fort is distinguished by a very large 24-metre high tower which dominates the souk. There is a superb view of the oasis from its walkway. Restored in 1998, the fort hosts a very interesting interactive exhibition.
Visit of the Souk of Nizwa (1 h 30): The souk of the city of Nizwa, of secular commercial vocation, is a real "city within the city". Very large, very lively and very colourful, the souk is famous for its incense and traditional objects. You can find everything: the fruit and vegetable souk, the pottery souk, the traditional objects souk, the goldsmith's souk... Traditional livestock market (Fridays only) .
Nizwa : Al Bustan Guest house

DAY 5 - Jebel Shams : Al Khitaym - Sab Bani Khamis (1800m alt. approx. ) Balcony walk " of Jebel Shams 3 to 4 hrs walk (picnic). We will discover a long abandoned troglodyte village perched on a cliff face with a small lake above. A panorama that offers us spectacular views of the Grand Canyon of Arabia.
Misfat Al Abreyeen : Walk in Misfat Al Abreyeen (easy hike). One of the most beautiful villages in Oman with a very large palm grove on the side of the canyon. We walk in this one, in the shade of palm trees, papaya trees, and other banana trees. A very pleasant moment!
Bahla - Visit Jabreen Castle : It was built in the 17th century, 150 km from Muscat, and renovated in the 1980's. It stands out for its interior, a true masterpiece of Omani architecture.
Ryiam Hotel : depending on the return flight.

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